• The Company

    HyPS is a Netherlands based company specialising in the design, development, delivery and service of marine hybrid power and propulsion systems. The HyPS team combines enthusiasm for this exciting technology with extensive experience in shipbuilding, power and propulsion system design, electrical and mechanical engineering and system integration. Our team is dedicated to fulfilling the expectations of our customers. We are ready to discuss your wishes and to customise our solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  • What you can expect from a HyPS system

    • Increase in propulsion performance and vessel speed
    • Increase in endurance and range autonomy
    • Weight reduction
    Economic operation
    • Higher availability of the platform (less downtime)
    • Reduction in operational fuel costs
    • Reduction in maintenance costs of main engines and DG sets
    • Reduction of environmental impact
    • Compliant to regulations of Low Emissions Zones (LEZ)
    • Compliant to regulations of Zero Emissions Zones (ZEZ)
    • Zero emissions cruising (with all diesels shut down)
    • Silent cruising (with all diesels shut down)
    • Quiet cruising (with main engines shut down and the gensets on)
    • Silent and zero emissions berthing or anchoring
  • A highly innovative look and feel
  • Equipment as small as feasible
  • For sailing yachts: wind power recovery