HyPS has developed a hybrid power and propulsion system range that is compact, light and versatile. The main building elements are:
  • One or two Hybrid Propulsion Sets
  • One or more Battery Sets
  • One or more Variable Speed Gensets
  • The Hybrid Power Set
  • The Propulsion Control Panel

These HyPS elements interface with the ship’s propulsion, power, alarm and monitoring, ICT and navigation and communication systems.

Our hybrid systems can manage electric propulsion and power ranging from 75kW to 2MW.

The energy storage in the battery sets is scalable from 36 kWh up to more than 1000 kWh.

The HyPS system includes a Hybrid Automation System. The HAS manages propulsion commands and selects the most efficient propulsion and power modes. It also takes care of power and energy management including battery conditions.
This results in optimal performance, long lifetime of equipment and low operational costs.

HyPS uses selected rugged, high-quality components with proven performance in the marine environment. We have combined these components to create systems with best in-class properties for performance, reliability, weight and volume, optimal cost of ownership and minimal environmental impact.