Basic HyPS
A Basic HyPS configuration consists of one propeller shaft and allows for an electric propulsion power up to 75kW. No additional generation set is added to this product line making Basic HyPS suitable for ships that have little space available.

Full HyPS
Full HyPS enables an electric propulsion power up to 1MW. This configuration includes an additional generator set allowing more flexibility in electric power. This hybrid system type is very suitable for larger ships that require optimal availability of electric power.

Twin HyPS
The Twin HyPS product line is designed for vessels with two propeller shafts and can manage up to 2MW of electric propulsion power. The extra generation set enables flexibility in electric power. Twin HyPS is a redundant and reliable configuration.

To make Twin HyPS available for vessels that do not require an extra generation set an additional product line was added to the Twin HyPS configuration, Basic Twin HyPS.

 Basic HyPSFull HyPSTwin HyPSBasic Twin HyPS
Nr. of propellor shafts1122
Electic propulsion power< 75 kW< 1 MW<2 MW< 2 MW
Additional generationnoyesyesno
Energy storagescalable from 28 kWh to > 1000 kWh#rowspan#
Hybrid Automation Systemincluded