HyPS Battery System

HyPS has developed a battery system for the supply of electric power, peak shaving and the storage of energy in marine applications. The battery system consists of one or multiple LiNMC battery sets and a battery control cabinet.
The battery control cabinet contains the battery control system which controls and manages the energy storage for optimal efficiency.

The sets are available in two types; 28-36 kWh and 42-54 kWh capacity with max. 1,8 C power.
The sets are scalable for energy storage up to more than 1000 kWh.

A battery set has a 700 VDC output and interfacing to 400 VAC is possible.

In order to ensure optimal efficiency battery monitoring, control and management is included in the system.

The rugged and IP65 batteries are water cooled for securing safety, reliability and a long lifetime. The lifetime expectancy of the batteries is 8000 cycles @ 80% DoD.


Each battery set includes a string of battery modules (81 kg per module), a battery filter, a bidirectional battery converter and monitoring & protection equipment.

Different arrangements and dimensions are available on request.

Battery set 28-36 kWh
Battery set 42-54 kWh

For the latest information on prices and availability please contact us directly.