The Team

HyPS  was founded in 2014 as a spin-out company from a yacht builder and a marine electro technical system integrator.


rudolfvanheekRudolf van Heek BSc, Product Manager

Rudolf is responsible for translating developments in the maritime market and hybrid technology to HyPS goals. Rudolf has a strong relationship with the HyPS partners and is often involved in quotation engineering to share his views. His main focus is on standardisation of the HyPS systems from a market perspective. Rudolf has a lot of experience with standardisation from previous functions at different large organisations.


Ilona van Ockenburg, Office Manager

Ilona takes care of all daily operations in the office. She is the main contact person for the suppliers that HyPS works with and she also takes care of essential administrative tasks.

hdHelmer Dam BSc, Development Engineer
Hybrid Power and Propulsion System

The design of the systems’ architecture is Helmer’s core competence. Helmer continuously works on technical innovations and his expertise is often used for commissioning and service of hybrid systems on board. Helmer is also one of the main engineers to share his extensive knowledge of hybrid systems for quotation engineering.


nrNico Remijn MSc, Development Engineer
Hybrid Electrical System

Nico is specialised in power technology and he is an expert in electrical systems. Nico has been closely involved in the development and engineering of the HyPS battery system. He is the editor of all Hazid Reports that have resulted from the Hazid Studies done for the battery systems included in the HyPS projects.

basBart Schonewille BSc, Development Engineer
Hybrid Automation System

Bart is our main engineer for the development and maintenance of the hybrid automation system. With years of experience in software development, Bart is higly qualified to manage this complex system that is essential for the functionality of hybrid systems. He is also the developer and administrator of the HyPS database.

Ulfried Schreuder BSc, Electrical Engineer

As our main electrical engineer, Ulfried is responsible for the detailed engineering of the HyPS projects. He also works out the detailed technical specifications of the HyPS systems. All is done in close co-operation with the system development engineers.

vvVictor Valk, Assembly Engineer

Most of the production work, like the building of racks and cabinets is outsourced, but assembly of core products is done by HyPS. The assembly of HyPS products, in-house as well as on-board, is mainly done by  assembly engineer Victor Valk. He also performs the service jobs on board.